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Portable Television Examination Systems (PTES)

The 3 generation of developed by the SBC Company PTES, is serially produced since 2000, and is meant for visual examination of hard-to-reach places, which are located beyond the direct sight of the operator at varying brightness in any season and in any weather. The fields of application of these devices are rather various:

1. Customs, Police and Departmental visual examination,

2. Special antiterrorist and law-enforcement agencies visual examination,

3. Securing public objects,

4. Industrial Diagnostics.

PTES, on request, can be produced with different length of examination rod (up to 5 meters), video transmission by cable from the examination rod to the video-image unit or on radio cable to an external signal receivers.

All PTES  have modern appearance, they are ergonomic and  packed into easy-to-use cases that are evacuable by any transport. 

As receiving an order  for PTES lot we are ready to  consider your individual specific requirements and implement them on the basis of the existing models. 

If none of the existing PTES modifications suits you  or an additional option is required rather to meet your specific tasks,  thereby  it is  possible to develop  the product  in accordance with your requirements specification,  produce and  deliver it to order  as soon as possible.


Portable Television Examination System (PTES) “VZGLYD-M”

The PTES  is serially produced since 2010  being the further development and modification of PTES “VZGLYD”. In particular, keeping all advantages  of PTES “VZGLYD” it has better appearance and enhanced engineering, its  functional capabilities are enlarged.

More then 100 sets of this equipment were produced and supplied to different clients. 

     The system composition:

PTES “VZGLYD-M” consists of  a remote microsized video camera with built-in lightning elements located on  a telescopic inspection rod, a portable monitor with  built-in autonomous power supply, a charging unit, connection cables, a card reader and a packing case.

When required the product  may be completed  with additional accessories increasing its operational characteristics.

     Distinctive characteristics:

As  compared with  home and foreign  analogue equipment the system is capable to deliver television camera directly to the examined place at the distance of 5-6 meters from an operator, that  allows to thoroughly inspect  at this distance small details ( e.g. a text with dimensions of 5-7 mm, some certain small elements of the examined object). When doing this  there is a possibility  of panoramic view of the examined area at the distance of up to 10-12 meters and with required  picture sharpness.

The available  built-in automated cable underwind that connects the TV-camera and   the body  holding  the telescopic rod, allows to change the length of the  rod very quickly while inspecting and it does not create any problems of  cable excess  control.

The lighting elements built into the protective unit of  the TV-camera provide a possibility to work with  zero level of illumination in the object location area.

The use of light alloys and compositives in the system provides good weight characteristics of the items.

There is a standard outlet in the system that allows to  make quick image  recordings on off-station  devices (if necessary, such a device can be included into the supply set). 


Main technical data:





Inspected space viewing angle with the camera visual axis direction unchanged, degrees, not less, than



Maximal deflection (turn) angle of camera visual axis, related to the inspection rod axis by two coordinates, square with the rod axis degrees, not less, than




Non-planar sum angle of visibility area, degrees, not less, than



PTES optical parameters, providing control object components distinctiveness (border sharpness) with dimensions 5х5 cm, placed on contrasting background at the distance up to 5 m from the plane of PTES camera, outer object lens (up to 10m to the operators position), with natural illumination intensity, lx :

        Without the application  of a searchlight

        With the application  of a searchlight




More, than 0.1



The system optical channel resolution, TVL, not less, than



The system readiness (preparation) time, sec, not more, than



Tear-down time, min., not more, than



Single-unit continuous work time, using built-in accumulators, hours,  not less, than



Inspection rod maximal length (unfolded), mm, than



Inspection rod length in down position, mm, not more, than



Video-image unit overall dimensions (without receiving antenna), mm, not more, than

200 х 300х 70


Diameter of inspection rod camera-module body, mm, not more, than



PTES total weight  (without transportation case, SPTA and accumulator) kg

-including inspection rod weight of not more, than