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How the direction has developed…

 2000 - 2001
2001 - 2002 
2002 - 2004 
2004 - 2005

Since 2000 and up to now the SBC Company has paid great attention to the direction of their activity connected with the development of ballistic equipment. The company has been a participant of a number of international conferences, seminars and exhibitions including an annual ENFSI regularly presenting their products there.

The company keeps close contacts with forensic experts, that gives an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue and consider professional opinions and requests on developing and upgrading the design and technical features of the ballistic identification systems.

Just as a result of these contacts it became obvious to us in 2005 that ballistic systems could and should solve a wider range of the problems related with crime including terroristic activities.

In this connection the SBC Company revised their approach to the development of this direction and since the end of 2006 has started developing a new product line based on “Condor Intelligent” system introduced in Prague (Check Republic) at ENFSI meeting in 2007.

The capabilities laid in the systems enable not only to carry out the examination but to solve problems of firearms centralized registration and circulation control. Thus, creating “Condor-Intelligent” the developers of the company took into account the necessity to enhance its functions and improve qualitative characteristics of the device. That is why the name of the new line of identification systems put out in 2008 has an abbreviation POISC that means Professional Optical Identification Scanning Complex.

Essentially “POISC” is an element of a multifunctional system that can be configured for special purposes and at the same time enjoy the versatility of  each separate unit of the line.

SBC Company introduces new special equipment and software used in the field of criminalistics ballistics for the  following purposes:

  • Creation of electronic integrated databases(DB) on spent bullets and cartridge cases;

  • Organizing the secured information exchange through open and official channels;

  • Creation of additional analytical possibilities for cooperation of operational and investigative, criminalistics and other enforcement institutions to inquire crimes where firearms were used.