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Selection of bullet geometrical and other parameters for the purpose of bullet description and identification during the ballistic expertise

When describing bullets recovered at the crime scene, the expert considers and determines the geometry that may be preserved on a fired bullet and measured by the expert investigating it with the help of general-purpose and special equipment. The data selection for bullet description is executed by the expert.

The composition of these parameters depends on the bullet type and its condition. As for Full Metal Jacket Bullets the data meaningful for identification are the one shown in the table.

Table The FMJ Bullets data that may be received in the process of bullet examination and be used for it identification

Schematic diagram of the geometry of Full Metal Jacket Bullets

The Picture shows the schematic sketches of the full metal jacket bullets of different configuration. The sketches are intended to illustrate properties and dimensions of full metal jacket bullets that can be found in this or that combination on the real bullets.

An example of identification of belonging of the examined Full Metal Jacket Bullet to the Cartridge 7.62 (the model of the year 1943) and determination of the firearm list

Unification of bullet description

The unification of bullet description and the use of the same terminology and symbols when determining the design parameters and characteristics of the bullets being under the ballistic expertise allow building the interoperable databases and integrate them into the united system of information support for the experts.

The unification should be distributed to all the main information sources on bullets and ammunition.

The creation and the use of the united information support system are increasing the chances of more accurate identification of the type of the fired cartridge and the model of the used firearm.



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